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Fog computing based on Blockchain
Fog computing is intrinsically decentralized. This provides it with a strong compatibility with the essence of the blockchain. Based on this attribute, X-Block proposes the new concept of building Fog computing based on Blockchain
Connection of heterogeneous equipment to fog computing
The Fog computing framework of X-Block is compatible with heterogeneous equipment. Based on different structural characteristics of the equipment, the Fog computing framework endows every device with various roles in the whole system so that advantages of the hardware can be fully utilized.
Galaxy Super-Contracts
X-Block puts forward the idea that “resources operate around smart contracts” This not only strengthens the ability of smart contracts on the blockchain to gather mass computing resources, but also revolutionarily expands smart contracts.
“Fog computing + Blockchain” can replace the traditional cloud computing
Traditional cloud computing services such as Amazon and Microsoft are expensive, enterprises can have access to more service resources at a low cost by using the X-Block Fog computing services.


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  • Robert Wong

    ·Expert in software architecting and performance optimization for parallel computing, 7 years experience in Intel parallel computing group
    ·Senior Graphics Software Engineer at Intel Corporation
    ·Master in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California

  • BD Managemer at Silicon Valley

  • Shubham

    ·Co-founded Allroomz which solves the pain of finding long term rental accomodation.
    ·UC Berkeley gradation.

  • Sr. Software Engineer

  • Jinjing Liang

    ·Software engineer and blockchain enthusiast at Google.
    ·Vice President of ABC Blockchain Community ABC is a blockchain technical community which currently has an ever-increasing 1000+ members, ranging from top professionals to renowned researchers.
    ·MS in Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University.

  • Software Engineer

  • Tianchen Zhang

    ·Rich experience on Distributed System Desgin
    ·Worked in Oracle as Senior Member Of Technical Staff
    ·Master of Engineering from University of Pennsylvania


Anthurine Xiang

·CMO of Quarkchain

·Finance, consulting and technology background
·6 years of work experience in Wall Street and Silicon Valley
·Worked in Argus, LinkedIn, Wish etc

Ryan Fang

·Co-Founder & COO at Ankr Network

·B.S., UC Berkeley, Business, Statistics Serial Entrepreneur
·Worked at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, China Renaissance and State Street
·Member of Delta Sigma Pi


·Harriet L Wilkes Honors College
·Social Media Marketing
·Social Media Influencer Relations


  • What is X-Block?
  • What problems will X-Block Solve?
  • What are the features of X-Block?
  • What is the X-Block Token? (IX) How does it work?
  • Can other developers create their own tokens with X-Block?
  • Do I have to participate in registration and KYC?
  • Who can participate in the token sale event?
  • What do I need to provide for KYC?


If you have any questions or concerns,don't hesitate to contact us:    contact@x-block.io

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